Reflecting On Martin Luther King Day

US physician shortage map

Source: US Department of Health and Human Services   “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At Vigilias, we have a dream of delivering high quality and affordable healthcare to everyone regardless of their geographic location.

Vigilias Telehealth Now Serves 15 Healthcare Facilities In 3 States

With the addition of Oswego Community Hospital and Horton Community Hospital, both in Kansas, Vigilias Telehealth now provides healthcare services to 15 communities across 3 different states.    

Mayo Clinic Studies Confirm Smartphones Are Sufficient For Telemedicine

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Back in 2012, Dr. Demaerschalk of the Mayo Clinic published two groundbreaking studies in the medical journal Stroke that validated the use of smartphones for telemedicine in stroke care.  Both studies relied on an iPhone 4 over 3G/4G networks.  This technology is 4 years old and several generations behind.   The